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Advantages of Using Rebozos

Rebozos are as old as ancient Mexican civilization, but they are still prevalent in the present age for fashion or pregnancy. It is essentially a multifunctional garment used by women. Although it has many different uses, pregnant women use it in different ways to ease the difficulties of pregnancy. Rebozos are useful in the purposes they serve even though there are no studies to prove this. There is no limit on the practicality and the advantages one gets from using a rebozo. The popularity of rebozos, however, is diminishing due to the changing times. Many people longer use the government due to the lack of knowledge on the different ways they could benefit from it. If you are still unaware of the various benefits of using a rebozo, you have come to the right place.

It is not very different from the womb. Any mother is going to experience difficulties when it comes to providing suitable conditions for their newborn baby. Babies are usually used to the conditions in the womb, and this may make it difficult for them to get comfortable in different environments. You can offer similar conditions to your newborn baby by using a rebozo. The position where the baby is cradled when using a rebozo allows them to feel your warmth and hear your heartbeat. They even sleep better due to the rocking motion of your movements. Since the baby is closer to the mother, they feel much safer which reduces anxiety and helps in digestion does reducing stomach cramps.

It makes it easier for mothers to breastfeed in public. There are different opinions about mothers breastfeeding their children in public. Some people have no problem with breastfeeding in public while it is disturbing for other people. As such, it may be embarrassing for some mothers to do it in public. Nobody is going to see you breastfeeding your baby in public if you use a rebozo. You do not have to use your hands while breastfeeding provided that the baby is comfortable in the rebozo.

It allows more bonding time for the mother and the newborn baby. When a mother interacts with the young baby, they create a connection between them. A rebozo allows you to build a stronger relationship since it offers more time for bonding. Since you can carry a baby in a rebozo without using your hands, you can do it comfortably over more extended periods without getting tired. Since you do not put the baby in a stroller, it reduces the distance between the mother and the baby.

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