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Procedure For Making Doll Shoes

Sewing is not the only process of making doll shoes. People who dislike sewing might not want to make shoes. There are various ways and steps you can follow to make the shoes without sewing. Butterfly boots can be made this way. The first step in this process would be obtaining all the materials you will need. Writing down the list of materials help a great deal. You ensure that all things are gathered. The list comprises of the following.

Vinyl is easily found in the market. You will need very little time to obtain it. The material is also affordable. When you are making the shoes, you should not spend a fortune. The price of the material should be relatively cheap. Things that are priced fairly are made from affordable material. You should always consider the cost. There are those that prefer leather. Straps made from leather are pretty and durable. The local stores sell leather. You have many options to choose from when choosing trim. Grosgrain is a favorite type for some and if not this type then braided and sequin works best. Cardboard will also be needed. The most popular type is cereal. In other cases cookie box is used because it is equally good.

You cannot make doll shoes without foam. The required size is only 6mm. The nearest craft stores will have foam. Just buy the size required. Less material is dangerous because you might make ugly shoes or fail to complete the process. Along the way, you will need glue. In some cases people make use of rubber cement. However if this is what you choose; a lot of caution is required. You should only use it if you are working in a room with good ventilation. This product should be used sparingly. It will be noticeable on the shoes. The other things you should have ready include scissors, a hobby knife and leather puncher.

You can begin by creating patterns by cutting the material. You can cut the soles. Foam and vinyl needs to be cut. Cutting cardboard is crucial before going to the next step. Second step is creating holes for the laces. Leather punch is used here. Cut outs are done with hobby knife. The next step is to join cardboard and sole using glue. Gaps are removed through gluing the front part. You can now join sole and foam. You will eradicate any gaps if you keep pressing. You can finalize by having the trim glued to the foam. Always use the correct measurements of trim. The glue is applied on the ends to close them.

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