For the moment of wellbeing

Tune in to your home's pulse radio for a relaxing moment and listen to your favourite songs. If you prefer Czech music, then you have tuned to the right station. If you are just going to cook, clean or read a book, get some good music. Every hour a block of fun, music and information from the world, home, transport and much more awaits you. If you want to give a song to someone close to you, impulse will gladly let you play it.

Entertain everyone

Anyone who likes to listen to the radio will find a popular block of music, information and other entertainment on impulse. You can also participate in the broadcast with a variety of competitions, messages for your loved ones or if you just want to play a song on demand. Tune in to a radio station via an online Internet connection and you can also search the web for a full day radio program. Enjoy the impulses of fun.