Enjoy the benefits of both wood and plastic elegance

You may think that plastic products are not at all nice, but if we are talking about our roof windows, it is not so. Both the wooden and plastic variants of our product will give you elegance and a modern look. And besides, much more. Solid construction and high-quality insulation provide a long service life. The insulation also provides noise-damping properties, thermal comfort and prevents condensation, which is formed by large changes between the outside and the inside temperature. Normally, the condensate would ruin your floor and furniture, and that will not happen to us.
Rely on our experience in producing quality products
Relying on experts is very important if you want to invest in perfect products. And with us you will get something extra, and this is a good execution through the entire assembly process, especially if you will be assembling the window yourself. And even if you rely on yourself instead of experts, we will still provide you with a 10-year guarantee period.