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How to Unleash the Inner Freak in the Bedroom with Your Relationship

Your sex life is missing something. That sheer energy and mood that once ignited the bedroom is no longer working. Most couples end up with sex as a routine without any form of connection. Once you feel these signs in your relationship, it is high time you start spicing up.

As much as a candlelit dinner might work, the bedroom needs some spicing up to. This is a sign that you have let go of the love as it becomes normal. The freak world is your next destination in your relationship to regain the flames. This does not have to mean including lashes and handcuffs into your bedroom setting. Do you need to reignite the flames in your bedroom? Here are important tips to help you.

1. Sexting

Do you send naught texts regularly to your better half? Was it when you were still lovebirds? You can notice how the naughty texts turned to direct messages about each other’s whereabouts. It is about time you relive your young and stupid love. Sexting is one point that sparkles your love. Send your partner a naughty text while coming off work of what they should anticipate.

2. Candles
The perfect bedroom experience for most women is when the mood is right. You ruin the mood in the bedroom when you have a full laundry basket inside. Set the mood in your room by buying some scented candles. Candles haves the magic to reenact your initial meeting with your loved one.

3. Sex Toys

In case you think of a sex toy as a grey area, you could never have been wrong. Sex toys come in different types and shapes you can use in the bedroom. At times, you won’t be able to get her to reach an orgasm. However, these sex toys present the perfect opportunity to make her feel whole again.

4. Powerful Massages

When stepping out after a long day at the office, you are less likely thinking of sex. You most likely prefer taking dinner followed with a cold shower and hopping in bed. Try out giving your partner a massage while using essential oils. You get to relax your partner with the massage that leads to soft touches, kisses and the deed. It sets a slowed mood in the bedroom for a sensual night of lovemaking.

5. Naked Weekend

Nothing beats staying indoors without nothing on. Lack of quality time while working overtime makes the sexual energies between partners to shift. Ensure you make a reminder once in a week for this activity. Cuddle for the whole day with your favorite meal stocked in the house.

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