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All You Need To Know About Egg Donation And Surrogacy

Every couple wants to have children whom they can watch grow and carry on their legacy. However, it is sad in a recent study it revealed that twenty percent of couples do not have children and it is not by choice rather by chance. The couples who cannot bear kids opt for assisted reproduction. There are many options available nowadays for childless couples to have kids.

A person today can choose freely to be a surrogate mother to help childless couples realize their dream of being parents. Being a surrogate mother is beneficial in a number of ways. Firstly, choosing to carry a baby to term is the most humanly noble thing you can do to a couple without children, this can allow you to have a sense of self-fulfillment. It is strange that some women love the experience of being pregnant. They want to experience pregnancy over again as they find the experience very powerful. Choosing to be a surrogate allows women to feel the wonders of pregnancy while doing something selfless.

If a surrogate mother is not carrying the baby for financial gain, it is referred to as altruistic surrogacy, but they get refunded the money they use for pregnancy expenses and delivery after which they are not given a dime. But, there are surrogates who get lots of money to carry to term and give birth to a child that may be related to them or not.

Commercial surrogacy is where the lady is paid lots of cash to carry the baby to term. Surrogacy is a technique that consumes time, is physically strenuous and emotional too. Thus, before becoming a surrogate mother, you have to go through thorough mental and physical health examination.

Surrogate agencies that are well known take the responsibility of facilitating and administering screening services and on top of that offer counseling and legal advice. Women who choose to donate their eggs to help a childless couple are left with a sense of pride that they have done a selfless act. The same as surrogacy, not all women have the ability to donate their eggs. Different donation institutions use specific criteria to choose who donates eggs and who is not supposed to. The years that a donor has remains constant in any agency; they should be between twenty-one years to thirty-five.

Most programs opt to have donors who have given birth in the past or have donated eggs successfully. You will have to do medical visits before being taken for the programs. The doctor has to make sure the donor is mentally and psychologically fit to donate eggs.

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